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The Floating Schuil


A brand new school was built in Lochside, Dumfries in 2017 – 2018.

As with any new initiative there was local debate about the project in the planning and building stages.

The controversy inspired local author Kat Edwards to write this fantasy story called the The Floating Schuil (floating school).
A book for young and old that can be enjoyed as a family.

The fantasy is mixed with local history and folklore.

The book finds comedy in the story of the new school and is written in the Scots language.

Although many locals will know many of the words, there some that have been forgotten over the years and are reintroduced here.
The English translations are on the opposite page.

This also allows the book to be used as an educational tool for teachers.


In a comical fashion the book mirrors real life events when after the book was written the new school in Lochside fell to bits.

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